Filtered Handcrafted Mask


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CatSoozie’s handcrafted face masks are made from 100% cotton materials.  They are a fashionable and healthy mask for everyday wear. The filtered masks offer extra protection with a replaceable filter.  Filter included.

You will be able to choose a color scheme for this product:
  • COOL COLORS – blue, green, purple
  • WARM COLORS – yellow, orange, red
  • PASTEL COLORS – aqua, pink, lavender

They’re handmade and therefore contain imperfections that hopefully won’t deter your use.  Please be sure to wash your mask before you wear it because the new fabric has finishes that you may not like plus both a cat and dog live here in our “palace.”

Remember, the whole point of a reusable, washable mask is only a benefit if you wash it frequently!

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Adult Standard, Adult Large

Color Schemes

Cool Colors, Warm Colors, Pastel Colors, Black & White, Red, White & Blue


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